E-Juice Flavors: Which E-Juice Flavor Is Right For You

There’s a simple way to find the E-juice that you’ll love and always enjoy no matter how many times you consume it. The process is to keep trying new juices; this may sound ludicrous but it’s really the only way for you to find a juice that’s right for you. You could always create your own E-juice and we’ve covered that in another article so check that out too if you’re interested. However, if you’re too busy to work on the creation of an E-juice then you’ll probably want to start by thinking of some general flavors you prefer.

The beauty of E-juice is that it comes in a multitude of flavors that cannot be enumerated on a single page. You could spend the rest of your life vaping and you still wouldn’t taste every flavor that’s available on the market. First you’re going to want to determine what types of food you like. Do you like food that has a sweet, sour, bitter, or spicy taste? You need to do some searching of yourself here in order to properly determine which E-juice you’ll enjoy and which E-juices are likely to not find your preference. You can even try E-juices that appeal to you visually; perhaps you like the color orange, if you see an orange E-juice then you might want to give it a try.

Don’t be intimidated by the endless possibilities presented to you by the vaping community. Take your time and realize that this is a hobby for you to enjoy and not stress over; your vaping sessions should be a relief, not a burden. Keep trying new flavors that you think you’ll enjoy and won’t lead you down a dark path of horrible mistakes; in regards to flavors of course. If you have a sweet tooth, keep it sweet and if you prefer sour items then look for sour vapes. You should be able to tell what vapes are best for you just because you’re a human with preferences already established when it comes to food. By following this simple trick you’ll be able to quickly filter out the less desirable E-juices from the more preferable ones.


After reading through this article, you should be able to better determine which E-juice is best for you and how to find out what flavors you’ll enjoy. Just go with your instincts and previously established tastes and you’ll certainly discover the perfect E-juice within no time. Odds are that you’ll like multiple E-juices which is great if you’re planning on becoming an avid or even casual vaper. Don’t be afraid to try out a new bitter or sweet flavor just because you think you might not like it. Vaping is about experimenting so go out and try the flavors that best appeal to you.

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